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Intelligent Information Management.

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Tervey by SIMFINIX

Tervey. Modular online platform.

Great adaptability to provide comprehensive responses to home care. Tervey is based on the latest technologies, with support of artificial intelligence and automatic learning, as well as mobile applications and multiple software solutions.

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Modular online platform.

Tervey by Simfinix

Comprehensive responses for home and remote health services. Open and highly flexible architecture oriented to scalability, availability and security.

Intelligent information management


Health services generate approximately 5% of the world's data, yet it remains one of the least digitized sectors.

Data Management and Foresight

Data Management and Foresight

Tervey provides intelligence in the management of the data it record which enables performance and operability analysis. It also allows to monitor and manage the number of interventions of each operator, each doctor, each supplier, pathologies treated and the number of video consultations and visits performed.

Adaptability. Tervey.


Tervey can be integrated to any system and adapt its functionalities without the need to expand the technological structure of the company. It can solve the management of home health care for specific companies, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, prepaid medicine institutions, multi-consultants and other small, medium and large scale establishments, with the appropriate training of operators and training of trainers to achieve the highest efficiency of the platform and to empower each company.

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It allows operators and medical professionals to manage schedules, patients and treatments in real time.

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